Embody A Powerful And Authentic Leadership Presence

In the first phase of the program, Embodying a Powerful and Authentic Leadership Presence, you will learn to create bolder visions for the future; develop a more engaging and powerful presence with co-workers; generate higher levels of trust and relationship with others; and produce results with less effort and energy.

The first phase of the program includes:


 • A four-day program kick-off retreat in Ojai, CA


 • A three-day retreat in Ojai, CA



In the second phase of the program, Shaping the Future, you will deepen and expand your leadership presence and begin to look beyond your own development, focusing on producing value for others. In this phase you will learn to bypass opposition; mobilize others to action; create higher levels of customer satisfaction; build effective and capable teams; obtain more rapid and reliable results; and achieve extraordinary results through others.


Shape The Future

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The second phase of the program includes:


 • Two, three-day retreats in Ojai, CA


 • A four-day closing retreat in Ojai, CA



ALM Program Coursework



 • Seventeen workshop days in five conferences


 • Three Learning Guides


 • Reading materials


 • Participation on a Learning Team


 • Group coaching


 • Equine Assisted Learning


 • A Leadership Learning Project


 • Reading assignments, reflection and writing


 • Three Learning Reports



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