"The Art of Leadership Mastery Program takes its students on the most enlightening journey of their lifetimes - a journey of self-empowerment. I have participated in many corporate-oriented leadership courses, and found them typically designed for everyone to achieve the same leadership 'standards' predominantly by fulfilling a checklist of prescribed actions, processes, and deliverables. In contrast, the ALM program facilitates development of leadership unique to the individual - in one sense "from the inside-out" - by building physical, emotional, and intellectual awareness skills and leadership attributes. Scott has designed a powerful and challenging program which, in combination with his insightful coaching, promotes the development and lifelong embodiment of leadership in each individual. I consider my participation in ALM to be the single best investment I have ever made for myself. I recommend the program without reservation for individuals from any career path, setting, or stage in life. ALM is not only about being a better leader in one's job, it is about being a leader for yourself, for your life."

— Phil Zack, Executive Director, Amgen Inc.



""As a business leader my success depends on my ability to lead and inspire trust in my team.  Investing in myself and this program is giving me results in the area of leadership in my life and business beyond my expectations."

— Carrie Reinagel, CEO Be Well, Inc..



"The ALM program has given me knowledge and tools to "get out of my head" and reconnect with my own body. This has sharpened my instincts, renewed my sense of dignity and allowed me to rediscover my passion, all of which are centered in my body. My newly reintegrated whole self can now "build a body" that is more present and more able to connect with others and more capable of leading me forward into my own life. I am aware that for someone who has not experienced this profound change, these words may sound like "new age" hocus-pocus, but from this side of the canyon, the view forward is amazing and filled with great promise." 

— Bim Goddard, Software Programmer



"The Art of Leadership Mastery program was a profound and accessible journey that took me back to the source of my life, my body, through a somatic knowing of how to be a leader for my family and my business. The work is indispensable for gaining access to what it takes to trust one another to create a world of meaning, love and peace."

— Matt Tapie, Partner, Tapie Construction



"I loved the idea of learning about leadership but was worried about the length and the cost of this course, I did not think I had time for all the weekends and was not sure about spending the money on myself with a son still in college. I graduated in March after a seven month journey that was so rich, diverse and full of discovery I am planning on signing up again. ALM was worth twice what I paid! I have a big vision, I am excited about what the future holds and know that I can make it happen. Scott Coady is a fabulous coach - I am so glad I made the commitment and proud of myself for graduating." 

— Liz Harward, Director of Product Development, The David Allen Company



"I have been on the path of self-discovery and personal development for many years and had found that the programs I was putting my energy toward had reached a plateau in their results. Specifically, while I'd had great success in identifying many of the barriers I was creating in my own life to prevent me from achieving the success and happiness I sought, simply identifying the barriers was not enough. Eliminating old, pattern behaviors was only creating a void that eventually re-filled with the same behaviors. From the very first day of ALM I could tell that Scott's intention and methods were going to produce profound results by filling the void with a new way of being, an embodiment of the commitments I made to myself, my family and my colleagues that manifested a concept into an actual presence. During the course, I reached a much more meaningful level of relationship with the people in my life, have found attracting new relationships to be easier and more significant, and seen my financial situation turn around entirely, from deep debt to the most profitable time of my life."

— Kenny Golde, Filmmaker, Author





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